All Abilities

All Abilities

Cricket is a sport for all Australians including those with a disability. Whether you’ve never picked up a bat or ball before or you’re a backyard legend, we have the right option for you

Cricket For Everyone

There’s over 4.4 million people in Australia living with a disability, that’s almost 20% of the population. Yet only about 25% of people with a disability in Australia are engaged in sport (compared to about 75% of people without a disability). We’re working hard to change that. Over the last eight years participation amongst people with a disability in cricket has increased by over 200% with over 25,000 cricketers with a disability now playing the game across Australia. We want that to continue to grow further, so we’re partnering with Sport Inclusion Australia, Special Olympics Australia, Deaf Sports Australia, Blind Cricket Australia and Taverners Australia to help us get more people with a disability involved in cricket. 

Having access to sport is a human right, that’s why all of our cricket programs, clubs and competitions are, and must continue to be inclusive of all people with a disability. No matter where cricket is played, there are always opportunities for people with a disability to get involved and as the national governing body for cricket in Australia, we strongly encourage an integrated approach to inclusion. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to include people with disabilities in mainstream cricket programs as the examples below show:  

Jordan Kubik

Simon Hood

Dave MacDonald

We also recognise however that sometimes people with a disability or parents of kids with a disability would prefer to participate in a program that’s specifically designed for them and there are dozens of existing programs throughout Australia that meet this need. Below are a few good examples: :  

State and Territory Contacts

To find a program that specifically caters for people with a disability in your state or territory, please contact the relevant person below:  

Emily Andrews VIC -

Julia Stafford NSW/ACT -

David Penn SA -

Fiano Cumming WA -

Ben Smith TAS -

Nachiket Sant NT -

State and National Representative

We also have a talent pathway in place that provides opportunities for cricketers who are blind or have low vision, deaf or hard of hearing and cricketers with an intellectual disability to represent their state at the National Cricket Inclusion Championships and represent Australia in international Series like an Ashes and World Cups. These opportunities to travel the world, representing Australia in cricket are fully funded thanks largely to the Commonwealth Bank who have been supporting our elite cricketers with a disability since 2017. Click on the video links below to see for yourself;