Community Umpire

Community Cricket Umpires create a fair, respectful and inclusive playing environment.

​Facilitate a love of the game, but also help participants/players understand the rules and Spirit of Cricket.

What you need? 

  • The ability to communicate clearly, support development and build confidence.
  • A positive approach – mentor others through optimism and encouragement.

Where might you Umpire? 

  • Competitive Club and Senior Cricket

Learning opportunities

  • Community Umpire Accreditation Program
  • Umpire Workshops and Law Classes, run by your State/Territory Association

Support resources 

  • Before you start, you’ll need to attain or have a current Working with Childrens Check
  • Download and explore MCC Laws of Cricket App​
  • Explore the CA Coach App 


We encourage umpires aged below 15 to complete the Umpiring Junior Cricket digital learning before proceeding with the Community Officiating accreditation.

Please be aware that there are age restrictions on umpiring that may apply depending on where you live. We advise all participants to reach out to their respective state or local umpiring contacts to ascertain the legal age requirements for starting umpiring in their specific region.