Junior Cricket Umpire

As a Junior Cricket Umpire your role is to create a fair, fun and inclusive playing environments for next generation of cricketers.

​Junior Cricket Umpires facilitate a love of the game, but also help kids understand the rules and Spirit of Cricket.

​What do you need? 

  • A passion to inspire the next generation to understand and love the game.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, support development and build confidence.
  • A positive approach – mentor others through optimism and encouragement. 

Where might you Umpire?

  • Junior Cricket Stage 1-3.

Learning opportunities

  • Umpiring Junior Cricket digital learning module​
  • ICC Foundation Umpire Course​

Support resources 

  • Before you start, you’ll need to attain or have a current Working with Childrens Check.
  • Download and explore MCC Laws of Cricket App​
  • Explore the CA Coach App