Junior Club Cricket

Play organised games of cricket at your local club - and make new friends!

Our junior cricketers aren't fully grown adults with the same skill level as our senior players, so we have improved the way cricket is played to suit their needs.

  • There are smaller team sizes to encourage greater match action for all players
  • We have reduced the pitch length & boundary widths for the younger age groups to make sure they're relevant to your child's size and age
  • Gone are the days where junior cricket takes up the whole weekend! We are now offering shortened match lengths with high levels of action & involvement

All girls cricket leagues provide fun and competitive cricket competition for girls.

  • Recommended for girls aged 11-18
  • 2 hour games
  • Different formats allow girls to progress based on their ability
  • Fun and active, make new friends
  • Some equipment may be provided

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Junior Club Cricket

Junior cricket is the next step for kids who are ready to advance their cricket skills through organised games at your local club. The junior cricket pathway nurtures their passion, builds their confidence, allowing them to create lifelong memories.

Daughters & Dads

A ground breaking program for designed for girls aged 7-12 years new to cricket and their dads (or father figure)

Junior Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is a fast-paced game where every player bats, bowls and fields, making it an ideal game for players wanting high-involvement regardless of their skill level.