Woolworths Cricket Blast During Program Resources

Woolworths Cricket Blast During Program Resources

Cricket Blast Game - Format and Rules

Check out the Cricket Blast format and rules for your Level 3 Cricket Blasters (those nearly ready for Junior Cricket).

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Creating an Inclusive Environment

Creating a quality club environment that is safe and respectful, helps to retain kids, parents, and volunteers.

The following policies should be implemented at your club:

  • Smoke-free policy.
  • Responsible service of alcohol policy.
  • Racial vilification policy.
  • Volunteer management policy.
  • Risk management policy.
  • Roles and responsibility of the committee.
  • Playing policies.
  • Participant, volunteer and spectator code of conduct.
  • Cricket Australia Safeguarding Children and Young People

If you don’t already have these policies in place, you can find out how to develop them by visiting:


Tips to Engage Parents and Volunteers

Building a strong volunteer network is key to delivering a quality Cricket Blast program.

Here’s some ideas and strategies to help you attract and retain volunteers to your Woolworths Cricket Blast Centre:


  • Email parents/guardians and let them know all the different ways they can get involved.
  • Develop job descriptions for each role and include them in volunteer/helper information kits
  • Let all your parents/guardians know about the CA Coach App, that way they can find out which games and activities will be played at the next session.
  • Setup a roster, so parents and helpers can contribute whenever possible.
  • Let parents and helpers know they don’t need to know anything about cricket to get involved, it’s all about having fun with the family.
  • Create a list of tasks that anyone can do, regardless of their cricket knowledge.
  • For young people in your senior and junior playing groups, volunteering is a great way to build valuable life and work skills such as networking, teamwork, communication, time management and organisational skills, and looks great on the resume as well.


  • At the start of the program, set expectations around parent/guardian involvement by asking the kids to help you get everybody on the field - it makes it hard for parents to say no. Kids love having fun with parents, guardians, and grandparents.
  • Meet and greet parents and helpers and ask if they can lend a hand with a small task on the day. Sometimes being asked is all it takes!
  • Run parents versus kid’s games at your first session to encourage parents to get out from “behind the fence”.
  • Try using the word ‘helper’ instead of volunteer, it makes the task sound less daunting.
  • Use the Activity Cards provided by Cricket Australia, so parents and helpers can have a go at running an activity.
  • Check out our Change it Up resource below to provide some guidance on how to make activities more challenging or easier for kids depending on their skill level.


  • Thank you goes a long way: make sure to personally thank all the parents and helpers after each session.
  • Thank your parents and helpers for their time and enthusiasm, work out ways to reward them. Here’s some ideas to get you started: provide a club shirt or hat or a discount at the canteen.
  • Consider discounted fees for senior and older players.


Tips for During the Program

Cricket Blast cultivates cricket skills and a passion for the sport, featuring 3 skill levels over 8 weeks. We focus on cricket techniques and life skills, blending activities and games within a supportive framework. Here are some things to consider as you deliver your Cricket Blast program.


Download the CA Coach App. It will be your one-stop-shop for running your Cricket Blast program. All sessions, progressions and activity videos are housed within the app.


Child safety is a crucial aspect of any program. You must ensure the environment is safe, inclusive, accessible, and welcoming of all. Ensure all Cricket Blast Coordinators and helpers have the appropriate working with children checks.

Check out our Safety resources for more information.


Does anyone need special assistance? Prior to the first session, check your list of participants to see if anyone has indicated they need special assistance.


Be on site 30 minutes before the session, so helpers can set up equipment and activities are ready to go.


It is the Cricket Blast Coordinator’s role to meet and greet parents, guardians, family and friends. Everyone’s there to enjoy their children playing, having fun and develop their cricket skills, but they are also potential volunteers for your Cricket Blast program and for your club. For more ideas on how to engage parents, check out the Tips to Engage Parents & Volunteers.


  • Think about how you can add value to the experience of kids, families and everyone involved to keep it fun, inclusive and build a sense of community. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • We have a new Spotify playlist – check it out here!
  • Weekly BBQs after the game.
  • Themed weeks / dress ups.
  • Kids vs parents’ activities.
  • Senior player involvement – maybe they can help throughout the session.
  • Buddy system with junior and senior players.
  • Social events (W/BBL night or a disco).
  • Bring a friend week.
  • Coffee vans or food trucks.
  • End of season presentation/party.
  • Club merchandise giveaway.
  • And don’t forget to contact your local Woolworths for other ideas and support.


If some children are progressing quickly through the program, look at the Change it Up! in the CA Coach App.

If they are ready, you can also consider moving them up to the next stage of Cricket Blast or Junior Cricket. Remember to talk to their parents first to discuss.


Congratulations! You’ve run your first Woolworths Cricket Blast program. To wrap up the season, you might want to organise a celebration day with a BBQ, a themed day or presentation, or all the above! Think about ways to make this final session memorable, inclusive, and fun.

The Cricket Blast online store has medals and certificates – just remember to order them at least a few weeks in advance to allow time for them to arrive.

If you have Cricket Blasters moving onto their next step on the pathway Junior Cricket - Stage 1 arrange some Junior Cricket gear for them to try out. Have these Cricket Blasters play their last game with helmets, pads, gloves and maybe a hard ball to get them comfortable.