Woolworths Cricket Blast Post Program Resources

Woolworths Cricket Blast Post Program Resources

Reflection Toolkit

Reflection after running your Cricket Blast session enables the coordinator to analyse performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and refine strategies. It drives continuous improvement in skills, teamwork, and how the session can best run. This results in better experience for Cricket Blasters, their families and all involved in the program.


Retaining Participants

By offering an engaging and rewarding experience, it ensures that participants not only enjoy their time in the program, but they find compelling reasons to continue their cricket journey with your club.

The program is designed in every aspect to create an environment that allows the kids to fall in love with the game of cricket and most recently some items have been revamped to further assist your club in retaining participant.

These include:

  • Introduction of a skill progression framework
  • Consolidating the two programs into one.
  • Providing a recommended 8-week session plan focused on providing a fun, safe and inclusive experience.

From your first interaction with your parents via email to the last Cricket Blast session, the experience you provide will determine whether the participant will return next season. Try your best to engage everyone within the program and even ask other members of the club to come down to welcome people to the program.

Keeping things fun, safe and inclusive don’t just apply to the kids, but also the parents as well. Showcase the club as a ‘whole of family’ club, open the canteen, run the bbq, put on music and make the club come to life the best you can.

Being a welcoming interactive coordinator who focuses on the individual rather than the results will see a better retention of kids within their club.

Research across all sports shows that when a coach/coordinator has a positive impact and creates that fun, safe, inclusive environment, the participants stay in the game for longer.

Whilst the coordinator plays an important role there are other tips to look at:

  • Provide the right level of challenge within the activity to ensure the kids don’t get bored. This leads to a better experience, skill development and progression in cricket.
  • Provide clear communication on the next steps in their cricket journey to each participant.
  • Invite them to any club functions you can, trophy days, break up parties, junior cricket come and try sessions if they are ready.